Testimonial of Laetitia and Augustin | Enfants du Mekong

Testimonial of Laetitia and Augustin

Bamboo volunteers in Thailand 2009-2010


Do you like change, new encounters, laughs, and sharing an adventure?


After having worked in Marketing for a few years, we have decided to become Bamboos! This means a great deal of change and new horizons... No more gloomy metro systems or stress, just children’s smiles and laughs!

Having signed up for a year, we have already spent 6 months in the school of Om Pai in the North of Thailand, where we give English lessons and animate the children’s free time, especially on the weekends when they are on their own. So here we are! No more Excel spreadsheets, numbers, packaging, or rates to calculate, but classrooms, activities and games to plan out! Drawings, pancakes, petanque tournaments, homemade necklaces, origami…imagination and creativity fly in order to entertain all these little ones!

We have been married for two years now, and we are glad to be able to share this adventure together.

We discover in each other new character traits that we hadn’t really picked up before, especially in the relationship the other has with the children, their capacity to adapt to a new culture, a new country…  In short, a whole lot of surprises that make this year magical! And what an experience it is to give a year of one’s couple life to all these adorable kids! A year where we really have the impression that we are receiving more than we are actually giving, thanks to the children’s smiles, their kindness, their love and care! So, if the EDM adventure sounds appealing, don’t hesitate… become a Bamboo!!!