Pierre Fabre Group celebrates its 60th anniversary with Children of the Mekong

For the 60th anniversary of the Pierre Fabre Group, the CSR and Sustainable Development Department launched a solidarity challenge to all its employees in France and abroad to pay tribute to Mr. Pierre Fabre by organizing a connected walk to benefit an association: The Children of Mekong.

Successful Challenge ! You are amazing !

Children of the Mekong’ Family would like to thank you all!

2700 people registered


50,000,000 steps walked all around the world


1 classroom built and 2 teachers in Cambodia!

For which projects ?

Project 1:2 teachers at the Sisophon center in Cambodia!

For 30 years, the children of Mekong center in Sisophon has been responding to two priority needs:

  • Provide free education to the poorest students in the region. 1500 young people are welcomed every day
  • Offer a home for poor children from isolated villages in Bantaey Meanchey. Fed and housed near their place of study, these young people benefit from an academic training, but also from a human training, through a demanding educational charter. 150 young people are welcomed in 7 homes.


Project 2: Construction of a school in Prek po in Cambodia for Vietnamese immigrant minorities.


To know more about the project




We offer you to continue individually Pierre Fabre’s work towards underpriviledged children and support education of the most in need in South East Asia.


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Why Children of Mekong ?

👉Mr. Pierre Fabre is behind the sponsorship of 5000 children

👉 It has taken full care of the reconstruction of a port destroyed by the 2004 tsunami

👉 He also donated over 30 tons of medicines and drugs

👉 He was a friend of the founding president of the association

👉 Children of Mekong association exists for more than 60 years, is IDEAS certified and has a social mission rate of 85.3% in 2021

To learn more about Pierre Fabre’s history with the Children of Mekong, read below:

Passionate about Asia, Pierre Fabre met René Péchard (Founder of the Children of Mekong association) in Vientiane, Laos. From this meeting was born a pure, strong and deep friendship. Every year, René Péchard will stay one week in Carla. This will be his only annual vacation. He will receive there all the necessary medical care and check-ups, a lot of rest and especially deep conversations with his friend Pierre. Yves Meaudre, former director general of Children of Mekong liked to be surprised by this friendship between a powerful industrialist and « uncle Péchard », the poorest of the poor.


This friendship was strengthened at the time of the boat and land people by the foster of a sibling, that of Huong Mangin. Huong Mangin is today a member of the board of directors of the foundation and the founder of the company « L’essence des notes ». He has welcomed, adopted and supported several boat and land people. Finally, he made available to us for several years the house in Marciron, near Pau, which also served as a home for young Vietnamese.

Typhon – Philippines

During the Tsunami, in December 2004, Children of Mekong, faced with the tragedy, took the decision to sponsor 5000 more children. The association was able to count on the unfailing support of Pierre Fabre who, in addition to helping us financially to rebuild the fishing port of Moken (recent video here) in the province of SURATHANI, sponsored 120 children of fishermen.

At the same time, it has launched a pharmacy scholarship program in Laos called « Mekong Pharma ». COM is not directly linked to this project but some of our godchildren have benefited from this program and studied there.

Following Typhoon Haÿan, in November 2013, which devastated the Philippines, the Pierre Fabre Foundation once again provided exceptional support to Children of Mekong by rebuilding several destroyed houses for €20,000

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