Enfants du Mékong in Thailand | Enfants du Mekong

Enfants du Mékong in Thailand

Nombre d'enfants parrainés: 
2 301
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Area: 513115 km²

Population: 66 720 153

Rural population: 66%

Capital: Bangkok (8 million inhabitants, 12 million with the suburbs)

Major cities: Chiang Maï (500 000 inhabitants), Nakhon Ratchasima (204 000 inhabitants)

Official language: Thai

Government: Constitutional Monarchy

Religion: Buddhism 94%, Islam 4%, Christianity 0,8%, Hinduism 0,4%, others 0,8%

People and ethnic groups: Thai 75%, Chinese 14%, others, of which minorities (Karen, Lahu...) 11%

Our work

Children of the Mekong's sponsorships benefit to:

  • children belonging to ethnic minorities (mainly the Karens, but also the Lahus, Lawas, Hmongs…) who live in the mountains in the North of the country. Sponsorship allows children to go to school in their villages'. The aim is to help children get the basic education required to enter the Thai education system. Most importantly they learn the Thai language. The aim is to ease their integration in the Thai society without cutting them off from their roots and customs.
  • children that live on the border, most of the time illegally. They are taken care of by structures that help them integrate the Thai society. This is especially the case in refugee camps.
  • Thai children that come from poor families. These sponsor programs are mainly situated in Bangkok’s shantytowns and in the poor villages of the Isan region in the Eastern part of the country.