Enfants du Mékong in Vietnam | Enfants du Mekong

Enfants du Mékong in Vietnam

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10 459
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Area: 329 560 km²

Population: 90.5 million

Rural population: 74.6%

Capital: Hanoi (over 3,5 million inhabitants)

Major cities: Hô-Chi-Minh-City (close to 8 million inhabitants in 2005), Hue

Official language: Vietnamese

Government: Socialist Republic

Religion: without religion (« worship of the ancestors»): 80,8% , Buddhism : 9,3%, Catholicism : 6,7%, Protestantism : 0,5%, Islam : 0,1%

People and ethnic groups: 86.2%: Kinh (major Vietnamese ethnic group), 14,8% belong to minor ethnic groups: Tay (1,9%), Thaï (1,7%), Muong (1,5%),  Nung (1,1%), Hmong (1%)…  


Our work

In 1981, Children of the Mekong started working with the boat people in the South-eastern camps of Asia. the association has been working in Vietnam from 1990 until today. numerous local supervisors act as a bridge between the sponsors and the 11 300 sponsored children. Most of them are monks. thanks to their status they are used to interact with the poorer populations, and therefore know their most urgent needs well. Without any religious or political distinction, we help the most distraught children, whose family and financial situations largely justifies the need for help. The Vietnamese are very active and aren’t afraid of hard work: the requests to open new programs have multiplied. The area we work in spreads from the North to the South of the country. We have prioritized the central and northern regions, the poorest, as they are inhabited by ethnic minorities and tend to be isolated and too distant from the economic development which the larger cities benefit from.