Enfants du Mékong in Cambodia | Enfants du Mekong

Enfants du Mékong in Cambodia

Enfants du Mékong in Cambodia
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2 944
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Area: 181 035 km² (three times smaller than France)                                                              

Capital: Phnom Penh                                                                                                                     

Population: 14,71 million inhabitants

Rural population: 80%

People and ethnic groups: Khmer (90%), Vietnamese (5%), Chinese (1,9%), other ethnic groups (4%).

Official language: Khmer

Other languages: French, English

Religion: 96,4% Buddhism, 2,1% Islam, 1% Christianity, 0,5 % other 

Government: Parliamentary Monarchy since 1993

Our work

Starting in 1986, Enfants du Mékong participated in the humanitarian aid that helped the Khmer that had sought shelter from Pol Pot’s government in Thai refugee camps. In 1991, with the return of the refugees to Cambodia, Children of the Mekong opened the first sponsor programs in the northwest and organized technical training projects to ‘recycle’ ex-soldiers and give them the opportunity to start over. In 1993 was inaugurated the Sisophon centre, which welcomed orphans and distraught families. In 1997, the first sponsored Khmer children receive their baccalaureate and prepare to study at the university of Phnom Penh. A foster house for students is then created. Next will be the opening of the Banteay Chmar centre (2001), which offers training in weaving, followed by the Samrong centre built to manage more closely the sponsorships in the Northwest of the country. Children of the Mekong manages the sponsor programs directly, as well as the foster homes and tutoring programs. The Bamboo volunteers are in charge of keeping an eye on the school and family life of the sponsored children. The structure of Children of the Mekong in Cambodia is consists in 4 offices, that employs more than 20 Cambodian employees and over 30 teachers. Since 2005, a large number of programs have been put in place with local supervisors, which helps to reach out to struggling families in remote areas as well as lighten our structure. Amongst the 2723 children sponsored by Children of the Mekong in Cambodia, there are:

•    Close to 800 children who follow tutor classes in the centers Enfant du Mekong (of which 413 at Sisophon, 100 at Banteay Chmar, 131 at Samrong, 157 at Phnom Penh)

•    539 children welcomed in more than forty foster homes in the North-Eastern part of the country (of which 468 in foster homes of Sisophon)

•    157 young students welcomed in 9 foster houses in Phnom Penh (of which three houses placed under the responsibility of a Bamboo volunteer)