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Discover sponsoring

  • Academic sponsoring

    24 Euros per month, only 6 Euros after tax deduction


    Sponsorship is a personal relationship between a child and his sponsor. Correspondence via mail and newsletters will help you keep in touch with your sponsored child and allow you to follow their progress in Asia.


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  • Student sponsoring

    39 Euros per month, only 9.75 after tax deduction


    Student sponsoring helps a young adult continue his studies. This is similar to academic sponsoring, in which there is frequent communication between the sponsor and the sponsored.


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  • Collective sponsoring

    24 Euros per month, only 6 Euros after tax deduction


    This sponsoring supports an entire program (school, foster house etc…). This method of sponsorship helps to finance an entire program (school, foster home, etc...). It provides a tailored solution for both the more remote areas with limited means of communication and for sponsors who do not wish to exchange letters.


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Sponsored children

The children are selected by our local workers according to their family and financial situation. Children of the Mekong has a policy of sponsoring only one child per family, in order to help as many children as possible. From the very start, each sponsored child is integrated into our program. A local supervisor personally accompanies the child to make sure the money received is used properly. Your sponsorship helps to cover school expenses such as registration, uniforms, school supplies, and transport, among other needs specific to your sponsored child. Your sponsorship can also occasionally help the child's family by paying for rice or medical assistance. . For certain programs, a ‘solidarity box’is set up in order to help other non-sponsored children.

What goes even further than financial assistance is the strong emotional bond created between you and your sponsored child. The child will be asked to write you one to three letters a year, which will enable you to get to know them better and gain insight on their everyday life.


The life of a sponsor

With this correspondence, a  lasting relationship can be built between you and the child you sponsor.  However, it is important to keep in mind that this exchange, although simple in appearance, can expound the complex reality of our programs. 

South East Asia tends to have a culture of oral tradition. Therefore, the majority of these children may only have one epistolary correspondent throughout their entire youth: their sponsor. Although you are probably eager to know more about your sponsored child's daily life, it may be difficult for the children to write about what seems boring and repetitive in their eyes. Most of them have never left their village or neighborhood. Like any child, they may lack inspiration sometimes, and these letters could not be written without the encouragement and monitoring from our local workers and the "Bamboo" volunteers.

The translation of these letters , which are written in the child's native language, tends to leave them lacking in expression or content sometimes. The translators- compensated volunteers, who are usually elderly- don't always have much time available, and their linguistic abilities may differ. Some volunteers that are excellent orally may be less fluent in their writing.

Be patient! Once the local supervisor has gathered all of the children's letters, which can take a few weeks, they are then sent to the translator. Next, the translator mails the letters to the respective sponsors or returns them to the local supervisor to mail them. Thus, a delay of 2 to 3 months between the moment when your sponsored child writes their letter and when you receive it is normal..

Given the reasons stated above, you may not receive letters as often as you would like, and the content may seem repetitive. We would like to thank you in advance for your understanding.…