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Development programs

What is a developpement program?

A development program is a local initiative that aims to improve the living conditions of disadvantaged children in South East Asia.

Each year, our volunteers propose programs that address the most pertinent issues in their regions.

Children of the Mekong fulfills these missions by conceptualizing, implementing, and supervising each program.

In 2010, we collected 1,063,764 € to finance 93 development programs.

What are our focus areas ?

  • imgStudents residents and tutoring centers

    46% of the donations are used to welcome youth in foster houses and for after school activities (social, academic and professional training).

  • imgEducation support

    36%  of the donations we receive are used to purchase furniture and school supplies, as well as contribute to the construction and renovation of the schools.

  • imgAccess to water, nutrition and health

    13%   of the donations we receive are used to build wells and ponds, promote proper hygiene practices, construct medical clinics, and purchase medications.

  • img Sustainable economic development

    8%  of the donations we receive go toward vocational training and transportation support (road security, purchase of bikes and helmets, etc.)..

How are the development programs chosen ?


Based on the specific needs of each country, the development programs department defines the types of projects that we want to focus on each year and how much of our budget we will allocate to each one.

The programs are selected according to a list of criteria to ensure their viability. Each program must::

Depending on the focus area, budgets may vary. For programs providing direct support for everyday life and trainings, the budget is usually less than 10,000€. For programs that involve construction, the budget is usually over 10,000€.

Who can finance a development program ?

  • img Private individuals

    Private individuals have the opportunity to get involved with our organization. Individual donors, or those from one of our delegations, e directly can directly improve the lives of children in South East Asia. 

  • imgCompanies

    Both large and small businesses can also get involved with Children of the Mekong. Financing a development program can give both a social and philanthropic dimension to a company.

Our commitments

For our donor's actions to be as locally effective as possible, Children of the Mekong is committed to being a transparent intermediary between our local managers and the donor.

In order to do this, we send volunteers (Bamboos) to Asia every year. These volunteers maintain our relationships with the local supervisors, monitor existing programs, and identify the need for new ones. 

Children of the Mekong is committed to::

We pledge to establish a meaningful partnership with you to continue our work in South East Asia.