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Financial transparency

What we spend

84,2% of what we spend is used for our action for the children amongst the poorest in south east asia. What remains is used to the look for funds and to run the association. Our funds come almost only from private funds.

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Children of the Mekong has the IDEAS label, what is it and why?

Children of the Mekong obtained the IDEA label in 2011.

It guarantees the quality of the management, of the financial management and of the following up of our actions : it brings both securtity and efficiency. 


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Court of auditor's report


In the name of its controls on organism that rely on public genrosity, the court of Auditors has lead an investigation on 14 associations of international sponsoring, including Children of the Mekong. This investigation was published in march 2012 :



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What is SEPA ?


SEPA or Single European Payment Area is the new european standard for cross curency swaps. It recquires to use BIC cods (Bank Identifier Code) and IBAN (Identifiant Bank Acount Number) by swaping the old RIB codes. It also recquires to change the APA by the SEPA debit mandate, associated with a RUM (Unique Mandate Reference). This SEPA debit mandate replaces the traditional Direct Debiting. Before, we asked for the complete banking details. Now the BIC and IBAN mentions from your RIB are enough. 



SEPA, what does it change for you, godfather or donator in direct debiting?


Nothing ! The debiting already existing  are not modified. Children of the Mekong has used the SEPA debiting in december 2013. Its Creditor Identifier for SEPA is : FR33ZZZZ388968. According to the article 19 of the 2009-866 decree, the authorization given in the name of national debiting that was signed will still be effective for the SEPA debiting. We will keep sending our instructions to the bank to debit the account and the bank will keep debiting the account like we instructed.

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