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Why partner us ?

Why should you partner with Children of the Mekong ?

A company's activity and success is dependant on employee engagement. A partnership with Children of the Mekong gives you the opportunity to manifest your company's values through an international solidarity project that will unify your employees. 92% of CSR managers believe that corporate giving programs that allow colleagues to share their common values improve employee motivation. This number reached 97% in companies that already engage their employees in these programs (Etude France Générosité 2011). Children of the Mekong has developed a variety of ways for companies to partner with our organization depending on your desired level of involvement. From simple donations to sending employees into the field or creating projects in the name of the company, Children of the Mekong allows you to actively engage in helping children living in poverty in South East Asia. We have developed communication materials to give visibility to your company's engagement. Children of the Mekong also has the IDEAS label, ensuring our management, financials, and operational efficiency. This label guarantees the effective usage of the funds that you trust us with.

How do our missions align with your company goals and values?

Children of the Mekong's mission : Help poor and suffering children living in South East Asia to develop themselves intellectually, emotionally, and socially by providing access to education. We believe that every child has the right to become a free and responsible adult..Children of the Mekong values relationships, service, and trust.