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Companies : 5 ways to support our action

Finance a project

Help us finance our development programs to improve the environments of the children and their families (health, construction, school buildings, equipment, etc.). In return, your company will receive regular and complete updates on the evolution and impact of the project. Project visits are possible as long as the zone is accessible and not dangerous. We currently have more than 92 programs waiting for funding, totaling 1.5 million Euros. 

Skills training

We have training programs in our centers in the Philippines and Cambodia. The goal of these structures is to accompany adolescents through their studies and higher education by providing them with academics, as well as professional and human development. This is a priority for Children of the Mekong and our students who are eager to exchange with others and gain new experiences.

Companies can send one or several employees into the field to give a specific training session in their area of expertise for about a week. A financial contribution is also sent by the company to support the center where the training is given. A partnership with Children of the Mekong begins with the committment from your company's directors. Next, various departments in your company, such as HR and communications, will work with us to manage the different aspects of the project. These are enriching experiences for both parties: :


Product fundraisers

We produce solidarity greeting cards for companies. The sale of these cards allows Children of the Mekong to finance projects that cannot be financed by corporate foundations. Children of the Mekong will collaborate with the various teams in your company, such as the external communication team and company council.

Child Sponsorship

Your company can help by spreading the word about sponsorship programs among your employees. Each time an employee sponsors, your company matches their generosity in the form of a donation or a collective sponsorship (structures that take in children that may not be able to maintain correspondence with a sponsor). We currently have 400 children waiting for sponsors. Children of the Mekong acts by:


Profit Sharing

The company can decide to disperse part of their profits from the sale of their products to Children of the Mekong. Two methods are possible:


With this method, the partner can advertise its engagement to its clients. For skills training partnerships, the partner is looking to demonstrate its social engagement to its employees.