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Optimize your taxes

By turning your taxes into a donation, you are helping 1,630 students to pursue their studies in Cambodia and the Philippines!

- Your donation contributes to our 10 education centers and and 78 residences in Cambodia and the Philippines. 
- With only 1.80€ per day we can support a student in one of our centers
- By donating, you can receive a 75% tax reduction
- Get the latest news about the volunteers in our centers through our newsletters 

You can send your donation with a check made out toFondation Enfants du Mékong at :


Enfants du Mékong

c/o Violaine Janssen

5 rue de la Comète

92600 Asnières


Or make a donation online:


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For further assistance :

Please contact Violaine Janssen


+ 33 1 47 91 75 26