Development programs

What is a developpement program?

A development program is a local initiative aiming to improve the living conditions of poor children in Southeast Asia.

By sending volunteers on the spot every year, Children of the Mekong plays the role of an advisor in the creation of development programs and follow-up of their implementation.

In 2010, 1 063 764 € were collected to help finance 93 development programs.

What are the intervention areas ?

  • imgFoster houses and tutoring centers

    46% of the donations are used to welcome youth in foster houses and for after school activities (social, academic and professional training).

  • imgEducation support

    42%  of the donations are used to purchase furnitures, school supplies and for the construction and renovation of the schools.

  • imgAccess to water, nutrition and health

    11%  of donations are used to building wells, digging ponds, giving trainings on hygiene, constructing field hospitals and the purchase of medication.

  • img Sustainable economic development

    1% 1% of the donations is for agricultural training, constructions of roads and bridges, local capacity-building and the establishment of policy forums.

How are the development programs chosen ?


Every year, development programs department defines, according to the needs for every country, the type of program they will make a commitment for and the amount of donation which will be allocated to it.

TThe programs are selected according to various criteria that assure us of their success :

Depending on the action fields, budgets may vary from 1 000 € to 40 000 €, whether they offer direct support for everyday life and trainings (in which case budgets are usually less than 10 000€) or for constructions (budgets usually over 10 000€).

Who can finance a development program ?

  • img Private individuals

    Private individuals have the opportunity to get involved with Enfants du Mékong. Individual sponsors or gathered within one of the delegation of Enfants du Mékong,they participate directly in the improvement of the lives of children in South-East Asia. 

  • imgCompanies

    Small as well as bigger companies also have the chance to get involved in South East Asia. Financing a development program gives a social and solidary dimension to the company.

What are the commitments of Enfants du Mékong ?

For donor's action to be effective locally, Children of the Mekong is committed to being a transparent intermediary between the local manager and the donor.

For this purpose, the association sends every year volunteers (bamboos) to Asia , to be in charge of the relationship with the local supervisor and to study the needs for development programs as well as monitor them. 

Enfants du Mékong is commited :

We commit to getting you as involved as possible in your partnership with our work in South East Asia!